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ArsDigita University

So I started going through SICP but boy, it is a tough read. I had to read every sentence at least twice, sometimes more to truly get it. Then I found a great course that goes through the SICP book and is also named after SICP. Apparently, the ArsDigita University was an experiment for tuition free education by MIT professor Philip Greenspun who famously refunded his students’ tuition. You can read more about it here.

There are total 13 courses at the website and the curriculum was modeled after the CS udergrad program at MIT. I think anyone can get a brilliant world class CS education by completing all the courses which includes going through the videos and doing all the problem sets as well as writing exams.

Its really enticing to go through all the courses but at the moment my eyes are on the SICP and Algorithms courses. The SICP videos are really helping to get the book as the instructor goes into details while explaining. If you are thinking of reading the book, you might as well as watch the videos at the same time.

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