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I am a PhD student at the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) program in Iowa State University. The “Md” in my first name implies “Muhammad” (Though everybody calls me Nafiz, which is also a part of my first name). Back at my home in Bangladesh, it was (I guess it is not anymore) a kind of weird custom to make it short into “Md”. Many people get confused what that means, so, here is the clarification.

I work in the Friedberg Lab. My current research involves finding new bacteriocins through context genes - genes that are proximal to bacteriocins, and have shown to be largely conserved across species. I also did my first year rotations with Guang Song, Dianne Cook and Jeffrey Trimarchi.

I completed my undergrad in Computer Science from Islamic University of Technology(IUT), Bangladesh with an OIC scholarship. Then I worked one and a half years as a software engineer at Samsung R&D Institute, Bangladesh.

I love travelling and the picture you are seeing in this post is on the hill tracks at Bandarban, Bangladesh.